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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

Just today it was mentioned that this was the absolute best way to eat spinach. Spinach was actually requested in her smoothie. All this came from our 7 year old!

Here's the recipe:

Start with blending some spinach and water
Add 2 bananas
some fresh ginger
juice of one lemon or lime
and apple cider to top it off.

Kale is also a green we have not yet tried in our smoothies, but the taste is mild enough to not have that 'green' taste. It's coming along nicely in the garden, so that's next. Arugula is another mild tasting green. Haven't tried that yet either.

This is the first time I have used fresh ginger and it could easily become a staple in my smoothie cabinet. A hint on peeling it: use the edge of a spoon to scrape off the peeling. I found that freezing then thawing makes it soft. Another hint is to keep it in dry scotch, for those who have that just lying around the house.

We are open to different ingredients to your green smoothies. Preferable with out scotch.

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