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Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Garden Water

We picked out first cucumber this morning. How they grow so quickly. One day I walk past and they are tiny green nubs and blooms...the next day they are laying on my counter.

Our garden is also being over taken by mint. I love the fresh scent it gives as we brush by it about the garden. Our girls love to chew on it and collect it and put it in their 'mud pies', 'mud teas' and 'real teas'. It's something everyone with a yard should have...maybe in a pot though.

Today I filled a glass pitcher with sliced cucumber, fresh mint leaves and lemon slices. I filled it with water and ice and let it 'steep' for a little while.

It's pretty enough to keep on the counter all day, and it is a reminder to drink it also. I just filled it up with water and ice as needed through out the day. We called it "fancy water". Yummy.

Fancy Water

1/2 cucumber sliced thin
5-10 leaves of mint
1/2 lemon sliced
water and ice

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